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Do you know that there is something in you ready to come out that you just can’t describe?

Were you the one who, instead of being able to find yourself while you were younger,

had to become an adult too fast?

Are you trying to figure out what to do next in life?

Do you know you need help now?

Does it always seem like you are on the defensive when people come to you about some BS?

Is it that you know now that you need to find a way to disconnect

from life  a few moments to get your mind right, before you hurt someone?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, then the

Wake Up Call Digital Audio is specifically designed for you.

It is for the mentally disoriented, buried in shame, purposed driven leader,

who wants to become clear on the next steps to living your best life.

The Wake Up Call system is a downloadable audio that provides a procedure

to help you in de-cluttering your mind.

Unlike generic meditations from big name folks like Gabby Bernstein,

the Wake Up Call system was created to help you stay focused

during the day, become un-phased when dealing with other people’s mess, and begin the healing process

of those past traumas that still affect you today.

Benefits that are received after listening to the audio are:

  • learning how to make yourself a priority every day
  • building your connection with Universe (God) on a higher level
  • understanding the messages and signs that you receive
  • being able to easily recognize when you are feeling upset and need to take a few minutes for self
  • gaining more energy to be more productive in your day
  • stronger relationships and better communication with your loved ones.

See what the streets are saying about the Wake Up Call audio, live sessions, and working with Omaria:

“People are still trying to weigh me down with their issues but I no longer feel obligated to save the world. I always have good results with Omaria.” – A. Peyton, California

“The chanting was define and purposeful. Omaria is knowledgable and her instruction was clear and seamless.  Underlying, less obvious obstacles have shifted and been removed.” – L. Cole, Mississippi

“Now that the program is over, I feel more connected with the divine world. Now my divine aspect of my being feels awakened and have experienced some small manifestations of the divine part of my being.” – J. Cocles, United Kingdom

“Omaria helped me to me gain valuable insight and direction on how to strategically set my intentions in order to understand how to manifest my desired reality. Now that I am done with our sessions, I  feel clear, inspired, and ready to move forward!” – F. Williams, North Carolina



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