Soul Sessions 2.0 – Spiritual Life Coaching


Soul Sessions 2.0

Monthly Intuitive Sessions – what’s going on right now + what steps do you need to take next? Answering any burning questions to help you move forward and keep a clear head!

Reiki Clearing & Activations – energy therapy session to assist you with keeping yourself together and feeling good as you move through each day!

AstroPlanning – using astrology to help you plan your goals and projects and spiritual work to ensure you stay in alignment and on task!

*Priority scheduling

This very intensive and may not be for everyone.

There are 3 levels of commitment to work with Omaria directly.

Basic: 3 months – 45 minute bi-weekly sessions per month

10% discount on all services, products, workshops

Premium: 6 months  90 minute bi-weekly sessions per month

15% discount on all services, products, workshops. *

V.I.P.: Annually. up to (4) 1 hr sessions per month. Priority scheduling, monthly personalized astrology planning.

20% off all other services and products, live rituals but must pay for travel and hotel expenses, etc

You must have worked with Omaria previously to be considered.

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2 reviews for Soul Sessions 2.0 – Spiritual Life Coaching

  1. otucker28

    Spiritual Advisor, Sister, Teacher, Friend…… Throughout my spiritual journey, Omaria has helped me develop the essentials necessary to move to the next step. From her advice about nature to ordering her ancestor pack, she has been apart of my spiritual journey for years! I’ve even experienced her free readings on Sundays. Let me tell you, she’s the best at what she does. She isn’t generic at all. Her work is heartfelt because she allows the universe to use her in the best way possible. Let’s not forget to mention how connected she is with her material. Once I opened my ancestor pack, I knew it was real. Sheesh! She is the real deal ladies and gentleman!!! She doesn’t look for an opportunity to profit off others’ problems. She is protected by angels. – J. Gates, Orangeburg, SC

  2. otucker28

    I can say that Omaria has helped me so much even when I don’t interact with her on a personal level. I can honestly say that I’m helped and encouraged by her prayers and chanting. I try to meet her as much as I can when she dose Facebook live in one of the groups that we are both in because she is a Boss when it’s prayer time. There were couple of times that I had made donations to her because I was blessed through her prayers and I wanted to encourage her to continue in her work. Omaria is a kindhearted person, full of light and love. She is a woman that you can trust and go to, to assist you in your problems of life. Thank you Omaria for all that you do. – C. Diggs, GA

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