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Stress, mental health, and physical pain are serious concerns that we all face.

From anxiety over our next over making sure that our children are taking care of and the bills are paid, to

experiencing chronic illness & pain from injury, can cause us to have difficult times in our lives.

As a facilitator of energy healing through the form of universal life energy, I use a technique called

Reiki to assist my clients with healing their body, mind, and spirit to assist

with anxiety, depression, injury from car accidents, balancing the energy body, releasing and clearing past

trauma, and blocks, plus so much more.

Reiki is a complementary healing therapy that can used on its own or in conjunction with

your primary medical physician or mental health advocate.

These sessions can be performed over distance or locally at client homes.

It helps with clarity and focus in daily life. Those who experience Reiki have said they can sleep better,

make decisions easier, and they feel a deeper peace within themselves.

Reiki works with your energy level, allowing your immune system to work more effectively in restoring the balance needed for enhanced wellness.

What are Some Benefits of Receiving Energy Therapy?

• reduces stress • aids in attaining goals
• enhances immune system • helps with life changes
• boosts and balances energy level • assists with healing of injuries/surgery
• improves concentration • assists in hormone balance
• enhances well-being in pregnancy

Compliments to all other forms of medical care!

Facilities Using Reiki Today
• Hospitals and Hospices
• Chiropractic Practices and Massage Therapy Facilities
• Physical Therapy Facilities
• Cancer Treatment Centers
• Veterinarian Clinics and Animal Shelters

What Can You Expect During A Session?

During the session, I will use a very light touch, with hands held in certain positions on prescribed areas of the body, or just above the body. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing for your Reiki session.

You may feel warmth or tingling or just feel very relaxed while receiving Reiki. Everyone’s experience is a little different. You may not feel anything in particular. Don’t worry. The Reiki is still working. You may feel something a day or two after your session like a wonderful boost of energy.

Sometimes a series of sessions is suggested in order to effectively address your goal or health concern.

Sending Reiki to Events in the Future or to Past Events

Distance Reiki transcends time.

We can send Reiki to an upsetting or traumatic event in the past and start healing how we feel about that event, or to an event in the future to create an uplifting feeling about that event.

Reiki is energy. Energy travels. Energy works with our intention. So we can set our intention for the highest good for anyone, any pet, or any situation, and the energy will travel to that destination.

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15 min Boost, 45 min, 90 min


1 session, 3 sessions


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