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Astrology is the divination system we use that is based in our time of birth and location.

By either scheduling a full chart reading or your soular destiny report, Omaria will be able to assist you with gaining more insights on the planetary influences you were born with, how they affect(ed) your childhood and life today, however more importantly, simple ways to use the current planetary energy to plan out your goals and take action to increase your income, look for a new job, or get a clearer understanding on what your purpose is.

You either schedule a destiny report to help you understand how your past life is guiding you toward your current spiritual destiny, a full chart to understand your planetary influences, or both.

Because both sessions can take 90 minutes minimum to work together, if you do decide to schedule both, we would need to just confirm schedule times. Please set aside 2 hrs for your consultation.

We look forward to serving you.

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Spiritual Destiny (Purpose), Full Report


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