Yearly Obstacle Removing + Increased Clarity + Unexpected Blessings Activation


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We are going to be taking on and drawing down the energy of the obstacle

removing birthday festivals of Lord of the Ganas, Ganapataye, Ganesha.

This beloved Hindi elephant headed diety is known for being able to

assist devotees with clearing out the blocks to getting that new job,

gaining that increased knowledge and intuitive ability to make

the best decisions when taking your next step in your business,

blessing us with mutually beneficial relationships, and blessings of grace

and joy from the Divine and your Ancestral lineage.

I have been working with Lord Ganesha and some of his avatars for a few years

and have been blessed with receiving a Vision of the God during a meditation.

His frequency is known to connect those who work with it to the SuperConsciousness

and developing stronger psychic and intuitive abilities.

In past activations and rites, clients have experienced:

Receiving a $500 bonus at work within a few days after initial activation

  • New jobs

  • Returning and new clients

  • Leaving jobs that they no longer liked and starting businesses

  • And, so much more.

Put your name in the pot as I celebrate one of the top energies that I encompass

and use on my journey personally and professionally, as I work with

my spiritual coaching and clients for energy healing work.

I will be sending the energy for the 10 days and we will also

join together for one evening for a live session and a

RETURN of the GANESHA RITE that I offered in 2016.



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