Are there times when you want to connect to Spirit and you just don’t know how?

Does silent meditation Just. Not. WoRk. FoR. YOU?! 

Maybe, because you just can’t GET YOUR BRAIN TO TURN OFF?!

Are you looking for an alternative approach to grow spiritually?

If this sounds familiar to you, then my newly released book,


is just the right thing to help you to learn how to do the work

and still BE YOU at the same time!

My name is Omaria Tucker and I am the Millennial Soul Scribe.

As I began to evolve on my path,

I answered an OVERWHELMINGLY YES! to all of those questions.

I did not think that I was meditating RIGHT,

because my thoughts were continuously jumping around

Or, I fell asleep.

Has that happened to you?

You finally get quiet, then

You catch yourself SNORING!!!!

I knew I wanted to connect with my Higher Self and Guides,

but something was JUST NOT WORKING! 

As a musician and singer, the sounds were always a love for me.

Playing music and connecting to the frequencies PUT ME AT EASE


Eventually, I disc

overed Mantras to incorporate

in my newly evolving spiritualist lifestyle.

In my best-selling book, I give you my 14 favorite invocations and mantras

that I have used over time to help you

Stop worrying about if you’re meditating correctly

Calm your mind and put yourself at ease

(even, in high stress situations)

Increase the flow of prosperity in money, health, and love

Increase your psychic ability and get clear on what’s really going on around and

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within you

Start seeing your own miracles MANIFEST INTENTIONALLY

How, Omaria?

You will receive:

14 Invocations/Mantras


Symbolic colors and numerology links to enhance your practice

the Original language and English translation to help you connect on a more deeper level

I’ve already had people that previewed the book for me

to start using some of the chants with excellent results

and I am expecting even better for you.

Go get your book today, here today via AMAZON!