Awaken Your Soul Course

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The guided self-care journey that will activate, advance and ALIGN your soul!

As humans living in the matrix of this world, we have lost who we are

down to the core of our soul.

Whether it was some abuse that has haunted you since you were a child,

to always feeling like you were the one that had to save everyone else,

or trying to live up to this perfect standard of being the good little boy or good little girl.

Having gone through this myself and worked with my clients through this same process,

we have seen that taking the crucial time needed for them daily was a catalyst in

helping them ship and begin to connect to  Awaken their Soul and What It Wants To Do Next.

You will emerge after The Awaken Your Soul Course, better, wiser, stronger, spiritually richer and more connected to your authentic voice of truth within. You will witness your life INCREASE as you heal the most important relationship of all, your relationship with SELF.

Some of the first hand benefits the clients have experienced as a result of using this program,

(1) Let go of the blocks to receive what you truly desire

(2) Release the pain of relationships

(3) Express, feel, and heal the pain

(4) Find the courage to leave your comfort zone and start anew

(5) Relax and trust the Universe

plus so much more!

Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1: Remembering ME

How many times have you put yourself on the back burner? It’s time to wake up and REMEMBER to nurture and honor the most important relationship you have, the one with self. During this week you’ll discover the power of mindfulness and how to create an “inner-sanctuary” to strengthen your Spirit and heighten your intuitive understanding through conscious and intentional self-reflection, self-awareness and self-surrender.

Week 2: Resurrecting ME

When did you go to sleep in your life? When did you begin to reason, make excuses and settle for less than you deserve and desire? RISING from our soul slumber is a courageous journey. This week you will learn the spiritual, self-love and self-awareness principles to break old cycles of pain and deepen your connection to power, purpose, freedom and truth.

Week 3: Realigning ME –

When you are in Divine Alignment with Source, life flows without force. All of life is easier and clearer when aligned with your Source of power, energy, purpose. During this session, you will clear the inner and outer clutter from your life and discern with greater clarity and confidence the inner-voice of peace, wholeness and truth empowering you to live in a vortex of divine synchronicity and daily miracles.

Week 4: Renewing ME

How often to you DETOX your mind, body and soul? We believe that a clean mind and purified soul produces radiant health. During this session, learn the powerful and holistic principles of wellness centered living, heal your mind, body and replenish your soul through high-vibrational eating, intentional movement and spiritual detox of old memories, traumas and unhealed wounds. You will live with glorious energy and clear focus after this guided session.

Week 5: Reinventing ME

Are you showing up in your life boldly and authentically? Well, get ready to be inspired to LIVE WHOLE as a unique expression of God. You’ve outgrown that old life, we believe the old adage: “innovate or die.” It’s time to come out of hiding and allow the REAL you to come forth! Leave this session with a deeper confidence and clarity about your spiritual gifts and how to make a needed and meaningful contribution to this world by BEING your highest and most authentic self.

Week 6: Restoring ME

Wholeness is beauty. When we are strengthened in oneness with self and Source within, we have a private and holy encounter with our greatness and our ability to live with Wholeness Completion and Self and Spirit Connection Living WHOLE through higher faith, self-care, self-realization, self-love and self-knowledge. Solitude, stillness and self-acceptance.

Week 7: Reclaiming ME –

Learn the spiritual art of surrender to release yourself from old wounds, thought patterns and soul-contracts. Live higher and consciously co-create a life that mirrors personal freedom and joy. Through forgiving yourself and others. Disarm the inner-voice of criticism through self-compassion and radical grace. This session will help you reclaim your birthright of worthiness, wholeness, oneness with God and innocence, creating massive inner-peace and outer life alignment.

Week 8: Revealing ME –

May the REAL You come forth! It’s time to live a life that reflects your authentic purpose and heartfelt passion. Stop living from the outdated and unrealistic expectations of others and align with your soul-purpose. Go from conformity to calling and rebrand your soul to rise in clarity of destiny. Learn to cultivate a stronger bond with your soul and live a life of purpose and Divine fulfilment, expand your capacity to LOVE, live and create a life that matters.


As a bonus, you will receive a new journal mailed to you,

to help you keep track to track your progress,

and record the new insights of and solutions that you receive

as a result of working this program.



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